GPLGPU now available | ASICSolutions GPLGPU

    An newly open sourced design for a ~15 year old GPU.


    A project to create an open CPU core and ecosystem


    An OpenSource RISC CPU ISA and hardware design.

    The "S" In iPhone 5S Stands For "Sensors" | Macgasm

    I think he is on to something.

    Intel Announces “Quark” SoC Family: Tiny SoCs For Tiny Devices

    In retrospect, Intel's entry into this market is pretty damn late, since this was ARM's bread-and-butter before the smartphone market boomed...

    Intel introduces Quark


    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100

    I entertained this very same idea a few years ago.

    The first smart watches are as stupid as I imagined

    Big surpise...

    Pixy (CMUcam5)

    Very interesting:

    DIAL and Chromecast

    Details on the DIAL protocol used to send content for display on Chromecast.